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Reduce Turnover - Improve Loyalty - Grow Your Company

You have an employee problem. Your turnover is high and your attempts to fix it haven't worked. At Learned Reality, we address your employee challenge and get you on the path to business growth.

Training for Every Situation

Learned Reality Employee Training

Employee Onboarding

How do you know if you made the right hire? Do you have a baseline assessment available? Do you have a career map developed for them? Are you generating buy-in?


Your onboarding process should immediately "brand-wash" your new employees. By using the Learned Reality Onboard Training, your employees will be more loyal and stay longer.

Learned Realit Custom Course

Custom Course Design

Are you finding employees, but not finding dependable and motivated employees - at least, not at the ideal rate? Are you trying to reduce turnover on your own?


Here is the good news. You've done the hardest part by identifying that you have a retention problem. By implementing a Learned Reality Training plan, customized just for you, you'll get hours back in your day, get to your destination faster, and breeze through life.

Strategic Consulting

You have a training team and have created hundreds of job-aids, quick reference guides, and courses; but your employees seem unresponsive.  Wouldn't you enjoy a world where your employees do something with the information they are given?

Let us save you time and effort to diagnose the problem, test theories, and measure results on your own. Use our team for a strategy session to pinpoint your training/onboarding challenge and get on the path to business growth.


Getting started with eLearning. A quick start worksheet.


Our Clients 


"How do you get the biggest bang for your training dollar? How do you get the highest yield out of limited resources?


Develop an online learning program that blends the latest in digital technology with proven instructional strategies and compelling content to produce transformative learning experiences. Learned Reality is all about making learning and achieving fun. What a concept!" 

Phil Quigley

CEO | Quigley & Associates

"It is my pleasure to recommend Learned Reality.  Nathan and his team have become a trusted and valued resource for our company’s training initiatives.


Their approach creates a dynamic learning environment that fosters buy-in and dare I say, enthusiasm from the employee!  It is clear Nathan and his team understand business and understands the ultimate objective." 

Brenda Hedeen 

CFO | Mann Mortgage

Flood Logic
Learned Reality eLearning
Learned Reality eLearning
Learned Reality eLearning


When you train your employees the right way, you get engaged, excited, and empowered employees. What would your world look like if we accomplish our mission?

You are busy running your business. Creating training courses and strategy is the last thing you want to be doing. You want to focus on strategy and better ways to grow your business. Guess what? It is possible!

Are you ready to generate more brand loyalty, higher employee engagement, and career opportunities? Learned Reality focuses on training so you can focus on business.

Save money on training costs

Reduce training time 

Increase knowledge retention

Improve your competitive advantage

Be free of your backlog of training requests

Attract better employees 

Are you ready for your employee training to match the quality of your brand?