eLearning Consulting

Training teams are a great internal resource, IF they have a defined strategy.

We can help your team develop the best elearning courses customized for your business.

We understand the pride of ownership your training team has when it comes to your business. We also understand the pitfalls of a poorly designed or implemented strategy. You probably have a team that responds well to fires and creates training material as fast as issues arise. The challenge is getting your team to develop the long-term courses that share company values and strategy. 


We have been that training team. Learned Reality was started to preserve training teams and help them coordinate a large scale development program. We offer specific elearning support and help you get where you want to go. Schedule your FREE strategy session today!

Does your training team need some support and strategy to grow your business?

You don't need a training team in place to talk strategy with us. We realize that most training teams include (forced...) HR managers, operations managers, and highly capable producers taken out of production to train the "new guy." Let's talk strategy and we will provide as many take-aways and tips humanly possible. Oh, the best part?


This session is completely free! 

How do we know it works?

Here are the numbers of how are clients made measurable impacts using Learned Reality eLearning Courses.

Client Cost Savings


Reduced Training Time


Increased Knowledge Retention


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