Course Design

We design our courses based on individual client needs. We integrate the latest methodology and innovation in every course.

Course requirements are based on the solution required for the problem. We don't build one size or shape. We identify the need and build the course.

There is a great deal of strategy, documentation, and philosophy regarding eLearning. We take a simple approach to our strategy and keep the process as simple as possible. Sure, there are complicated steps and processes that require hundreds of variables, but we always start simple and build to the required complexity.


Learned Reality incorporates CCAF in our course design. Context, Challenge, Activity, and Feedback is in every module. CCAF is from Allen Interactions, one of the leaders of the eLearning industry. Their methodology also incorporates SAM (Successive Approximation Model) which allows for faster prototyping and more accurate deliveries. 

Our courses are tested and retested and even after launch, we are available to correct or adjust the course as needed. We care about getting results and will do what it takes to achieve that win for our clients. 

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