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Employees are becoming harder to find, hire, and retain.

We can help you keep your best employees with the most potential.

There are several steps required to properly train your people and grow your business. The first step is, "Don't Panic." 


You are not alone. We understand that just the thought of designing and implementing a new form of training (especially when there wasn't any to begin with) can feel overwhelming. Don't worry. consider it similar to building a house and in this case you have the best contractor in the business. You simply tell us your likes and dislikes, your must haves and must nots, and we do the rest.

Build your people. Build your business.

"Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose." 

-Victor Frankl

Your best employees want to be part of your company story. Why do you suppose Employee of the Month and Employee Recognition programs began? Employees love to be part of the lore and history of the company. What do you think they are looking for when checking their phones? A story.


Make them the hero. 

Learned Reality weaves a story they can be a part of through every eLearning course we design. Imagine a training that showcases your brand values. Picture your employees with a new found purpose and excitement. While we can't promise you parade down main street, we can promise a positive difference.

How do we know it works?

Here are the numbers of how are clients made measurable impacts using Learned Reality eLearning Courses.

Client Cost Savings


Reduced Training Time


Increased Knowledge Retention


Learned Reality eLearning Courses Change Your Life

Get Hours Back in Your Day

With high turnover, your managers are wasting more and more time training employees. In fact, we bet their time training new employees has increased. It seems like turnover happens at the worst possible moments, too: When employees are scheduled on vacation. When business is busy for the day. When your team needs something good to happen. Turnover wastes time and adds stress.

Life's too short for that.

Don't you think?

Get Training & Ongoing Support

Learned Reality eLearning helps companies grow by developing their employees. Our Learned Reality team is there for support and strategic advice along the way. We are there after your course is launched and whenever you need us. Training is not a static event. Training should be a part of your culture. If you want to grow successfully, then grow your people. 


Develop your employees with ease.

Doesn't that sound great?

Turn Knowledge Into Knowhow

You have probably spent most of your time training employees on what they should know. Wouldn't you rather they do something with that information? Learned Reality adds scenario based experiences into eLearning courses so your employees understand what to do with the information.  Why tell them about a screwdriver or hammer? Let them use the tool so they know how to use it.



Get employees to production faster. 

Don't you want to grow faster?


We take care of all the details, planning, building, and delivery. You provide feedback along the way.

The process is fun and enjoyable. We like to have a good time, so be prepared to do the same!

STEP 1. Schedule a Strategy Session

Learned Reality Strategy Session
Learned Reality Strategy Session

STEP 2. Identify Performance

Learned Reality Strategy Session
Learned Reality Strategy Session

STEP 3. We Create Your Course

Learned Reality Strategy Session
Learned Reality Strategy Session