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Our client savings to date:

through reduced training time, and getting their employees to production faster and safer.


Training Available 24/7

Mobile Friendly eLearning

Industry: Mining

Request: Create a simple, sleek, training interface for the newly implemented accounting software, Concur.

Challenge: Design a course that quickly teaches the sales team how to document and submit their expenses.

Solution: Developed a mobile friendly, easy to use, training course that taught the team in less than 6 minutes.  Course is accessible 24/7 and available on their mobile device.

Results: Estimated cost savings around $10,000 by avoiding a "fly-in" training at the home office for a full day.

Employees Retain More Information

Engaging and Powerful eLearning

Industry: Health Supplements

Request: Create a course that covers the complex ingredients of a supplement without losing the interest of the user.  Ensure knowledge is retained and applied.

Challenge: Avoid the text heavy tendencies that are often associated with nutrition. Provide multiple layers of assessment to test knowledge.

Solution: Developed a visually effective learning experience for all types of users. Design "soft" assessments throughout the interaction that reinforced learning concepts.  

Results: Created a fun and entertaining training that provided serious results.  Generated high levels of user curiosity and engagement.

Reduce Risk and Avoid Poor Quality

Interactive and Effective eLearning

Industry: Financial Lending

Request: Create a training course that simplifies the internal processes within the lending institution.

Challenge: Design an experience that keeps the attention of seasoned staffers without losing the new hires.  Ensure all of the process steps demonstrated without losing learner interest.

Solution: Deployed an illustrated interaction that communicated the "story" of the process.  Through a light hearted, yet power packed course, the final product involved great visual flow and intelligent design.

Results: Highlighted the importance of the process and even identified areas of improvement for the operation.  The course provided a spotlight into a potential problem area which the operations team adjusted to improve their process.