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My Montana Wedding Association


"My Montana Wedding" is an association in Northwest Montana — specifically the Flathead Valley —  that encompasses all elements of vendors to create a perfect wedding in picturesque Northwest Montana. The Association publishes a gorgeous, high end magazine each spring, but when that led a bride to a website visit, someone might have felt they had landed on a different organization.  


The MMW Board reached out to us because their membership numbers were rapidly growing, and they were in need of a major brand overhaul both in look and functionality of their website.


We talked about their goals and what their vision for a new website entailed, and immediately knew this was perfect timing for us and the association to show off what true potential this area has in the way of the wedding industry. It was a match made in digital heaven, and we weren’t the only ones who felt this way. When we launched, we received the following feedback on our facebook page from the board: “From our first meeting with Learned Reality, we knew that they grasped the vision that we had for our new site, and what they created not only reached our expectations, but exceeded it.”

"...what they created not only reached our expectations, but exceeded it"


We presented the idea of utilizing a story framework to help instantly connect brides to the perfect vendor for their needs, using their own local photographer’s visually appealing images in lieu of extensive text.


“In a matter of mere weeks, Nathan and Joni put the My Montana Wedding Association on the web map by creating and launching a new, beautiful site for our association. And in doing so, they put 155 locally owned businesses in a prime position to grow their companies."


They went on to say, “The nuts and bolts of our site are quite extensive. It houses more than 150 pages, built-in messaging forms, multiple plug-ins, submittable forms, smart navigation, accepts payments, and more. Nathan and Joni worked with us to meet our many needs; often without us fully realizing what our needs required.” 


Since launch, the association has grown to an impressive 180 members and their pages have been visited over 20,000 times and the feedback has been incredible, not only from the brides-to-be, but out of state planners and the members of the association as well. Weddings are details, and we felt the best way to assist in the planning of those details was to design the site functionality in such a clear and simple way that it was a breath of fresh air in the process.  After all, Montana is known for that fresh mountain air!

2018-2019 Edition Magazine Cover and Inspiration Gallery images ©2019 MMW Association Photographers