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We didn't get here on our own. We love to read and learn, or just relax with some great fiction. Check out some of our favorite books, audiobooks, and industry leaders. Some of them are inspiring, some are just for fun. 

Learned Reality Atomic Habits
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Learned Reality StoryBrand
Lost Connections Learned Reality


Business Inspiration

Never Split The Difference Learned Reality

Amazing book on negotiation. This book changed our outlook on contract negotiation and helped us understand the various personalities in a boardroom when working on a deal. Understanding these concepts greatly improved our sales success and pricing structure.

StoryBrand Learned Reality

Business changing book. This has shaped our website, marketing, and even influenced our eLearning design. Do you know your customer's buying trigger? Do you know your company's key characteristics? Start immersing yourself in StoryBrand and watch your business grow.

Personal Inspiration

Atomic Habits Learned Reality

We've read a lot of books about goals and how to drive forward for success. This is the most practical and useful book we have every read on the topic. We found ourselves implementing the tactics just a few pages in and were amazed at the results. If you get tired of setting goals and hating the process, read Atomic Habits. It has taught us to fall in love with the process, at which point the goals take care of themselves.

Lost Connections Learned Reality

This book was powerful and thought provoking. Johann Hari paints a picture of hope and understanding through an amazing series of real life stories and events addressing anxiety and depression. It has changed how we view the world and given us hope that we can make a difference. We strongly recommend this book!

Just for Fun

Alamo Avengers.png

Just started reading this book covering the Alamo and the life of Sam Houston and other heroes. Excited to read the rest of it!

eLearning Leaders

Strategy and Design

Fundamentals and Creativity