Who is Learned Reality?


Learned  adjective

1  \ ˈlər-​nəd  \ : characterized by or associated with learning : 

a learned scholar

a learned discussion

2  \ ˈlərnd  , ˈlərnt \ : acquired by learning

learned behavior

a learned response

Reality  noun

re·​al·​i·​ty | \ rē-ˈa-lə-tē  \: the quality or state of being real

a real event, entity, or state of affairs  

the totality of real things and events 

something that is neither derivative nor dependent but exists necessarily

We are more than eLearning course designers.

We build solutions that solve your problems.

We are Dr. Leo Marvin and you are (respectfully), "Bob."

Who We Are

About Learned Reality

We started in 2015 as an eager team of training design experts. We were catapulted into this business after many years in corporate America. We saw the pitfalls of companies losing their culture and it was painful to watch. We vowed to make a difference in other companies to prevent it from happening to them.

We believe we can add an impactful training strategy and intelligent course design that captures your process, but more importantly, your culture. We support your business values and characteristics in our designs so your employees see the bigger picture.

Brandwash your employees!

We are passionate about our clients' goals. For successful, long term partnerships, we understand that we have to achieve the mission of their business. The industries may be different, but employee behaviors and needs are similar.


We understand connection between an employee and employer is what generates loyalty. How do we ensure that connection is strong? Build employee focused training that challenges them, not only mentally, but even physically and philosophically. 

Build your business by building your people.

What's With the Name, Learned Reality?

When we started in 2015, we had originally planned to construct eLearning experiences in virtual reality.  Since the trainings were going to be focused on employee learning, we felt Learned Reality made a good deal of sense.


We quickly learned that the business culture was not quite ready for that leap of technology. This led to one of our first in-house laws, "The Law of Cultural Acceptance." You can find this resource on our eLearning Freebies page.

We still have plans to build out training in virtual reality, but for now we are building to our clients' current needs. Most companies are utilizing tribal knowledge or PowerPoint (at best) to conduct their training. We are helping them implement contemporary and innovative training courses that generate more effective results.

Learned Reality eLearning

We Make Things Simple

Training design can be hard, especially when you aren't trained to build it. We use our years of experience in instructional design and eLearning course development to achieve your desired results.


We ask the dumb questions. We put ourselves in the shoes of your new employee. You can't possibly remember all of those details from when you started all those years ago. You have been too close to the information for too long. You are cursed with too much knowledge!

Learned Reality Values


We believe in measuring our success. On every project we define what success looks like to our clients. Some clients want faster training time, while others want to reduce their turnover. We build our courses to move that "needle" and celebrate the success with our clients.


We get really excited about eLearning, but we aren't so nerdy you can't enjoy the process. We love to have a good time and make this process fun. We seek to make your life better and maybe even get you to smile.

Learned Reality Mission
Learned Reality Values


Our courses are all custom built based on your business requirements. Your training will look and feel like your brand. Imagine what that sense of pride will feel like when you show your new employee their training plan. They will be just as eager to complete it as you are to show it off!

Our Mission

At Learned Reality, we know that for businesses, hiring and retaining employees can be a nightmare. We've created digital training that generates immediate employee buy-in and long term loyalty so businesses can get the best out of their employees and grow their companies. 

Learned Reality Mission

Our Values

Be Energetic

We enjoy life and work. We put all of our energy into what we do.

Be Reliable

We do what we say we are going to do and can be counted on as a strategic partner. Our biggest fear is letting someone down. We don't let that happen!

Be a Cheerleader

We love words of affirmation. We also love to cheer for our favorite team (our client of course). Life is too short to be frustrated. We do what it takes to get you a win.

Be Effective

Energy and pom-poms create a great atmosphere, but you also have to get the desired outcome.

Our strategies are always effective and

generate results.

Learned Reality Values
Learned Reality Values

We Listen.

We Respond.

We Improve.